Wildlife ACT South Africa


donated by Herpetofauna

Wildlife ACT offers free tracking and monitoring services in nature reserves in South Africa. Many African nature reserves do not have the money and the capacity to run effective wildlife monitoring projects, despite the fact that monitoring is an essential part of wildlife management. The main focus is on endangered species such as black rhinoceroses, African painted dogs and vultures but also big cat species and elephants.

In the areas monitored by volunteers, highly venomous snakes such as puff adders, cobras and mambas can be found in and around the houses. It is vital that rangers can remove these snakes without being bitten. The Herpetofauna Foundation has donated material to safely catch and move these snakes, such as snake hooks, grabs and snake bags. This way the volunteers can do their work safely and the venomous snakes are taken to a safer place.