Viper research in the Netherlands


donated by Herpetofauna


Beautiful reptiles and amphibians also live in nature in the Netherlands. They are less known to the general public and snakes are certainly not associated with nature in the Netherlands. However, three species of snakes live in Dutch nature, of which the European adder (Vipera berus) is the only venomous one.

In the past, snakes were therefore regularly killed. Even today, their distribution area has also become extremely fragmented and as a result many populations live isolated from each other. Adders are fairly rare and it is crucial to find out if these animals are related to each other and so they can be part of, for example, breeding programs to preserve the species for the future. This requires genetic research and, in addition, the habitats must be well managed.

Two young researchers, Roel Wouters en Jory van Thiel, have recieved financial help from the Herpetofauna Foundation to be able to continue their valuable work in the future.