Gerry Martin Project


donated by Herpetofauna


Gerry Martin of The Gerry Martin Project is one of the people who cares about the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, which is why he has been supported by the Herpetofauna Foundation for years. His efforts have been extremely important for all herpetofauna of India for many years and he is at the basis of much research on these animals.

Gerry Martin is a well-known name in the herpetological world and the founder of much research in India. He is also often seen in television documentaries as an expert of reptiles. He is very actively involved in education and has started several educational projects for young and old. He also trains rangers to catch snakes in a responsible manner and release them again if these animals cause a nuisance.

Since 2018, Gerry has also started radiotelemetry research on Russell's vipers, which are responsible for many venomous bites in India.

Herpetofauna Foundation supports The Gery Martin Project with providing radio telemetry material for the king cobra, the Russell's viper and the rehoming of other snakes from inhabited areas to ensure their conservation. Gerry regularly organizes fieldwork excursions.

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