Snake Patrol Surinam


donated by Herpetofauna


There are not yet any professional organizations working in Suriname to provide the local people with proper information about snakes. As a result there is still a lot of fear for snakes with the locals. Currently if animals are found in undesirable places they are chased off and often injured. A dangerous practice for both animal and man. In cases where help is called in, the fire brigade is now the appropriate party. Unfortunately, they also lack the correct knowledge and equipment to properly execute ‘catch and releases’.

The SPS is a team of volunteers who, having the right knowledge and equipment, are able to safely catch and move snakes. During this education is immediately provided to locals to prevent recurring problems. The animals are collected by SPS and medically examined, after which a suitable location is found to release the animals.

This project and organization are under development, the Herpetofauna Foundation is involved in advising on this project. This because we strongly believe in initiatives where snakes can be helped, and people receive correct education about these special animals.

For more information visit (website in Dutch)