Sakaerat Snake Team


donated by Herpetofauna


The Sakaerat Snake Team consists of a group of researchers in Thailand who are engaged in monitoring the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) and many other reptiles that live in the area. Attempts are made to map the migration of these animals and to observe their behavior in order to better protect them. One way to collect more data about these shy animals is to follow the snakes by radiotelemetricity.

Snakes are equipped with a transmitter that can be followed with an antenna. This tracking is done on foot and is therefore very time consuming. By collecting information in this manner, we learn more about the distribution area and migration patterns of snakes. This information is crucial for developing the right conservation strategies.

In Thailand, many snakes are killed for fear of these animals. This is a very sad situation, partly because these animals are crucial for maintaining a healthy ecosystem. For example, snakes protect the local population from problems with harvesting by keeping pests such as rats in check. Sakaerat educates the local population about this and together tries to develop a better strategy for the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals.

The Sakaerat Snake Team also runs programs to train local residents to become rangers who can catch animals and bring them to safety. By involving the locals they develop a greater understanding of these beautiful animals.

In recent years, education has been extended to schools. Currently primary school children learn a lot more about their local flora and fauna and especially what is and isn’t dangerous. This educational service has already actively led to more reports from society that animals are not being killed. Respect for the animals is increasing and that is a great merit of this organization.