Project Brain Youth Group


donated by Herpetofauna


Brain Youth Group has ensured that a lot of natural mangrove forest has been restored through planting in Kenya. Since 2011, the organization led by founder and executive director Mbaraak Abdalla has made a very big difference in Kenia with their commitment and passion for nature. In addition to planting mangrove forests, Brain Youth Group is committed to restoring local ecosystems. Thanks to this recovery, many reptiles and amphibians have been rescued from a path that could lead to extinction. The numbers of these animals have increased enormously in these areas and the natural balance has been able to recover as a result.

What makes the projects unique here is that they are carried out with local, underprivileged youth and also with many women who are still disadvantaged in the labor market in Kenya. Due to the efforts and use of the local population, much greater awareness and knowledge has arisen and many local initiatives have been started in which sustainable business plays a central role, such as beekeeping and fish farms.

Brain Youth Group uses funds for the development of that entrepreneurship and also for the planting of the mangroves. The Herpetofauna Foundation has supported this project for several years by raising awareness through our site and social media. In addition, the foundation has financially supported the project and also logistics, as a result of which a new laptop was purchased for field work, an indispensable tool for this work, among other things.

Update 2023

We recently received an update on the Brain Youth Group project in Kenya from Mbaarak Abdalla. Thanks to the laptop financed by the Herpetofauna Foundation, they were able to contact ClimatePartner Impact. They made it possible to plant 750,000 mangrove seedlings and they bought 100 beehives, which act as watchdogs for the mangrove forest. These also provide a source of income for the community.

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