Nutritional research Boa Constrictor


donated by Herpetofauna


The Herpetofauna Foundation strongly believes in optimizing the welfare of captive animals through research. An important question for many captive animals is what the correct nutritional composition and frequency is. This information helps to stay ahead of problems associated with malnutrition or obesity.

The research made use of students from the Helicon animal care education in Helmond, the Netherlands, because they are mainly dealing with captive animals and such research can offer many insights. In this way we connect research, hobby and education; another objective of the research. The main research question was which type of food and which fortification and frequency resulted in the most optimal growth curve.

The Herpetofauna Foundation believes it is important to support more result-oriented and applicable research that can improve the welfare of reptiles and amphibians in captivity.