Chytrid fungus


donated by Herpetofauna


For several years now, amphibian populations worldwide have been threatened by a multitude of factors. Most of this is due to habitat loss and environmental pollution. Unfortunately, these factors have also made the amphibians more susceptible to pathogens such as the Chytrid fungus. This fungus causes a condition called chytridiomycosis. This condition damages healthy tissue and is highly contagious.

The IUCN has declared this condition one of the most devastating diseases to ever affect a group of vertebrates. The condition could have a devastating effect on the world's amphibian populations. A lot of research is needed to contain this fungus.

An important part is the complete mapping of the genome in order to determine the origin and also to see what such pathogens are sensitive to when it comes to control.

These studies can only be realized with the support of funds and the Herpetofauna Foundation helps with this. The Chytride research in the Netherlands and Belgium is done by RAVON and Gent University.