Bufo Eichwaldi


donated by Herpetofauna

Eichwald's toad (Bufo eichwaldi) is a toad found in Azerbaijan and northwestern Iran in the Talysh Mountains and Elbrus. The species resembles our common brown toad and is closely related to the Caucasus toad (Bufo verrucosissimus). Eichwald's toad has a 'vulnerable' status, but populations are known to have declined by 30% in the last 25 years.

This project provides training activities including environmental education for local communities to raise awareness of the importance of amphibian conservation. Signs are posted at wetlands where the toads live and at roads that the toads must cross to get to their breeding grounds. Investments are also being made in speed controls on roads around the area, so that drivers become aware of the possible presence of toads on the road.