BION Terrarium Center


donated by Herpetofauna

Since 2022, the Herpetofauna Foundation has supported BION Terrarium Center (BTC) in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. They have been hit hard by the war.

BION is known for their successful breeding of special gecko species and many other lizard species. In total they breed with 121 species of reptiles and amphibians, many of which are also threatened in their original habitat. Examples include various species of leaf-tailed geckos (genus Uroplatus) from Madagascar and spiny-tailed agamas (genus Uromastyx) from Africa. Captive breeding means there are always enough specimens for serious reptile enthusiasts. BION Terrarium Center also has its own research center.

Due to the war, BION Terrarium Center had to evacuate itself and several animals, but unfortunately many lizards did not survive this. The Herpetofauna Foundation supports BION to continue the work despite the difficult circumstances in the country.