Bali Reptile Rescue


donated by Herpetofauna


As many reptile enthusiasts may already know, the Herpetofauna Foundation is very actively involved in the protection of and research into the king cobra. Moreover, in our opinion it is crucial that snakes are caught in an animal-friendly way if they cause nuisance, and are therefore not killed unnecessarily.

That is why the Herpetofauna Foundation supports Bali Reptile Rescue, an active volunteer organization in Bali. The king cobra is native to Bali, but is unfortunately often killed out of fear. Nests are also commonly destroyed since they cannot be moved in a responsible manner. Bali Reptile Rescue volunteers are available day and night to catch king cobras as well as many other snakes. They also provide the animals with the necessary medical support before releasing them back into their natural habitat. This is a time-consuming job that involves high costs. In addition, they teach the residents of Bali about snakes to create understanding for these animals. Residents are also taught first aid for biting incidents. Finally, Bali Reptile Rescue is closely involved in population density and species conservation research.

Such initiatives are extremely important for species conservation and thus support biodiversity. All in all, an organization worthy of our support!

The Herpetofauna Foundation supports this useful cause by means of good material and funds.

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