Atheris Adventures


donated by Herpetofauna

Mirthe Aarts and Dickson Katana are doing research in Kenya into the populations of various viper species that occur in Western Kenya, the Mount Kenya region and the Great Rift Valley. These include the bush vipers Atheris desaixi, hispida and squamigera, the vipers Bitis gabonica, nasicornis and worthingtoni and the Kenyan montane viper, Montatheris hindii. The populations of these snake species are unknown, but it is expected that many species will become increasingly rare.

They have also started an education program for children from primary and secondary schools in Kenya where children learn to identify the most common snakes, know what to do when seeing a snake and how to act in case of a snake bite. The Herpetofauna Foundation has been supporting this project financially since the spring of 2022.