Atelopus project


donated by Herpetofauna


The clown frog of harlequin toad is a well-known species in South America. Unfortunately, these animals are less and less seen in their natural habitat and it is feared that they are in danger of extinction like many other Atelopus species. The biggest threats are the chytrid fungus, climate change and habitat loss.

Research is needed to get an idea of the numbers and the best way to protect the animals. Major work includes population studies and animal and area sampling for the infamous fungus. Different areas are investigated by different teams and it is determined whether the populations are and remain stable.

Areas are also mapped where reintroduction could be an option. A breeding project has been started for the reintroduction project, which is supported by several international zoos.

Since 2018, the Herpetofauna Foundation, in collaboration with a number of other partners, has started to facilitate and finance this research through Fundación Atelopus.

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