ARCO Spain


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ARCO Spain (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation of Spain) is an organization near the southern Spanish village of Tabernas dedicated to the conservation of tortoises, turtles and other reptiles. They do a lot of research and provide shelter for confiscated animals from the illegal circuit. Herein ARCO plays a crucial role, because without them many confiscated animals would probably be euthanized. ARCO's enormous network and the strong involvement of the chairman results in a very high animal recovery rate.

At ARCO, the incoming animals are fully medically examined and treated if necessary. Thereafter they check whether an animal can be returned to their natural habitat. In recent years the organization has also invested heavily in habitat protection and they provide on-site expertise. In addition, they investigate whether animals can integrate into European zoos to participate actively in breeding programs. Over the years, ARCO Spain has ensured that animals arrive in a healthy condition at zoos throughout Europe. These animals subsequently contributed to the positive breeding results of those parks, from which reintroduction projects have been started.

At ARCO the animals are cared for by volunteers and all enclosures are maintained by volunteers. The organization operates fully on gifts and donations.

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