1StopBorneo Wildlife


donated by Herpetofauna


1StopBorneo Wildlife is active on the island of Borneo to preserve the local fauna. Native animals are constantly under pressure due to the increase in palm oil plantations which cause a reduction in, or complete loss of habitat of many animals. In addition, in recent years Borneo has been hit by forest fires due to climate change. An increase in mining is taking its toll as well. To top it off locals are seeing animals as a nuisance.

A good way to help protect animals is to offer the local population a financially interesting alternative in the form of ecotourism. For instance, a problematic elephant trampling a local farmer’s crops might be killed because the los of crop is several hundred dollars. However, if the farmer is compensated with thousands of dollars because tourists can observe and photograph the animal, the elephant is more valuable alive than dead and the farmer will refrain from killing the animal. This principle, on which 1StopBorneo Wildlife works, has been very successful.

Moreover, 1StopBorneo Wildlife educates the local population and actively replants wildlife favorite food in reforestation sites. A valuable project worthy of our contribution.