Herpsymposium: Venomous Snakes

as flagship species

In October 2019, the second international symposium was held by the Herpetofauna Foundation and EduPet. Venomous snakes as ambassadors for nature conservation and education were central under the title 'Venomous Snakes as Flagship Species'. This time the symposium was held in Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem and the event lasted three days, with the first day being set up especially for students of biology, ecology and related studies.

Ecologists, biologists, toxicologists and herpetologists from all over the world such as Bryan Fry, Johan Marais, Wolfgang Wüster and Mark O'Shea came to Burgers' Zoo for this symposium to talk about their research, developments and problems. In addition, this symposium resulted in various new collaborations and projects to jointly tackle the problem of venomous snake bites and to strengthen the protection of endangered reptiles.


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