Other events


The Herpetofauna foundation visits the most important fairs in The Netherlands and Belgium. During those fairs we have an information stand where our volunteers can tell you about the different kind of projects we are involved with. You can also buy our fun merchandise.

Vivarium is the event where aquarium, paludarium and terrarium come together. It is more than a fair because of the various presentations, workshops, exhibitions, activities and competitions.

Snake Day
Every year in October, the European Snakes Society (ESS) organizes the so-called Snake Day in the Expo Houten. Snake Day is a fair where snakes are central and all materials related to keeping snakes are involved, can be bought.

Terraria Houten
Several times a year, VHM Events organizes Terraria Houten in the Netherlands, a large reptile and amphibian fair in the Expo Houten. This often coincides with Exo Knaag, the rodent fair at the same location.

Animal Event

In the first weekend of May, an annual Animal Event is held on the grounds of De Beekse Bergen in
Hilvarenbeek, from Friday to Sunday. It is best described as a big animal festival and the event for
the animal lover.

We as the Herpetofauna Foundation are there every year to introduce animal lovers to reptiles and
amphibians. At our stand we show a number of terrariums containing well-known reptiles that are
kept as pets such as the leopard gecko, the tortoise and the rat snake. Visitors to the stand are also
allowed to hold a reptile such as a ball python or bearded dragon and have their picture taken with
it. We use these animals as ambassadors for their endangered species in nature. They support our
story of why it is so important to protect reptiles, amphibians and their habitats and illustrate the
projects we support.

Jaarlijks zijn er nog een aantal locaties waar de stichting aanwezig is voor een leuke activiteit of voorlichting. Gezien het wisselende karakter van deze evenementen verwijzen we u graag naar de kalender op de evenementenpagina.