Herpetofauna events

For Nature events

The Herpetofauna Foundation organizes fundraisers with the 'for nature' theme. It organizes fun and playful activities for a good cause. Participation in these events generates funds for reptiles and amphibians and their habitats. In this way you have a nice day and the animals a better future.

Body Art For Nature
Body Art For Nature is the event where body paint plays a central role. Models can sign up for a particular paint for a certain amount. The entire proceeds whereby painters and location commit themselves selflessly goes to charity.

Auction For Nature
Auction For Nature is also an annual event of the Herpetofauna Foundation, where new hobby materials are auctioned to lovers of reptiles and amphibians. The materials are made possible every year by businesses and individuals.

Petting zoo 't Valleike

't Valleike is a petting zoo in De Reeshof in Tilburg where various, also exotic, animals can be seentogether with nature education. Together with the petting zoo, the Herpetofauna Foundation organizes various annual events.

Halloween event
In October we are having a Halloween event in which 't Valleike will be transformed into a spooky place, but with various activities and games and an educational character.

Toy fair
At the Toy Fair in 't Valleike people can hand in their second-hand toys that are sold and thus provide fun for other children.

Sinterklaas party
Sinterklaas also visits 't Valleike several times during his stay in the Netherlands. Families can sign up for a festive afternoon with Sinterklaas and his friends.