Turtle Project

Why our turtle project

Turtles are one of the oldest animal groups on our planet but unfortunately also one of the most endangered. All turtles are on the IUCN red list, classified from vulnerable to critically endangered. To help these and other turtles, the turtle project was started by the Herpetofauna Foundation and Healthy Seas, helping schools to introduce students to the problems of plastic soup, ghost nets, pollution and waste in general and the threats to turtles, while also keeping it fun and educational.

The Turtle Project is a fun and educational program about turtles with the aim of education and conservation. It costs you nothing and provides a very nice teaching package. It also offers you the possibility to let the students of your school become familiar with themes such as nature conservation, sustainability, conservation, recycling, deforestation and the climate in a playful and informative way.

The contents

The Turtle Project includes a teaching package suitable for all primary school grades with teaching materials, games, a Powerpoint presentation and everything you need to organize an information fair (posters, banners, fishing nets).

In the teaching package teachers will find all information about the loggerhead sea turtle and its natural biotope as well as textbooks for students. To help with organizing a theme week or a theme day, the pack contains fun games that teachers can do with students, such as freeing fish from a net, a live board game, memory, Loco and coloring pages.

When you purchase the Turtle Project, employees of the Herpetofauna Foundation will come to your school to give a presentation with live turtles. All materials will remain at your school for future use.

What do we ask of you?

All we ask is that you set up one or more sponsorship activities with the school and students with the proceeds going to the Herpetofauna Foundation's charities. You can think of a charity run, collecting bottles, auctioning crafts etc. Ideally, this can be combined with the aforementioned information fair, where volunteers from the Herpetofauna Foundation and divers from Healty Seas are present with their materials and equipment. Students can also interact with various reptiles and have their picture taken with them.

Feel free to contact us via chairman@herpetofaunafoundation.org.
At this moment we are only offering this project in The Netherlands and Belgium.