The Herpetofauna Foundation believes that education is a crucial link in conservation and this starts at a young age. Properly informing people about often misunderstood animals such as reptiles and amphibians provides greater understanding and aids involvement in issues such as conservation projects and research.

Many reptiles and amphibians are also part of private and zoo collections. We also provide information and education here to ensure that these animals have the most optimal living conditions, so that well-being is guaranteed. In many cases, our education is tailor-made and therefore fits seamlessly with thematic programs at schools and electives.

In addition, we provide small-scale symposia and workshops for professionals and professionals in training.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions so that we can see how our foundation can contribute to the development of an appropriate, educational program.

Primary education

Children are a fantastic target group to provide education. Their enthusiasm and inquisitiveness form the perfect basis for raising awareness. The Herpetofauna Foundation has a number of options that we offer for students of primary school age.

Turtle Project
We offer a special turtle project for schools in which the themes of sustainability, recycling and protection of animals and nature are central. This project takes two to four weeks and can be adjusted in time in consultation with the school.

We also have the opportunity to visit your school with animals and specially developed presentations that match themes in which the school focuses on animals and nature. We are happy to help you with any questions.

Educational children's books
The Herpetofauna Foundation is very involved in educating the next generation. One of the tools we use for this are educational children’s book. With these books we inform children between the ages of 4 and 12 about animals and their threats.

Secondary education

Pupils in secondary education also regularly work in themes and this requires a different approach than pupils in primary education. Our extensive experience with this age group enables us to provide a suitable tailor-made program in which it is possible to work in project form or to commit ourselves to an interactive presentation. This could also include online lessons in which we make specialists available to answer questions that students have about these special animals.

If you are interested in receiving our volunteers or having a specific lesson theme developed, please feel free to contact us.


For animal care training, animal management, para-veterinarians and also teachers at these courses, we offer the possibility to provide guest lectures or short specialization days in themes about herpeting. These may cover topics such as animal care, animal handling, preventive health care, laws and regulations, and wildlife management and conservation.

Our expertise gives students and teachers the opportunity to work in a very practical way and to ask questions about the field in which they want to work or work. All guest lessons can also be supported with live animals on location if needed.

Costs for such activities are fully used by the Herpetofauna Foundation to support nature conservation and educational development, so that your school also makes a direct contribution to the protection of reptiles and amphibians.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the possibilities.

High school / university

The Herpetofauna Foundation can provide guest lectures to students who do subject-related studies at high schools and universities. This can be in the subjects of animal welfare, ecology, ethology, biology, herpetology, toxicology and veterinary medicine.

We can also provide speakers for symposia and conferences organized by the educational institution in specific themes.