Work methods

First and foremost, the Herpetofauna Foundation is a foundation that collects money for the aforementioned projects. Active involvement in the work is only initiated if the relevant projects give permission for this and a project can always let us know what form of support they would like to receive from us. In this way we try to act in accordance with the guidelines of the project to be supported. In order to implement the foundation's objectives as effectively as possible, we have a specific working method that differs considerably from that of many other foundations.

First of all, we don't outsource anything. That is, the selection of the targets and the distribution of the funds raised are managed by ourselves. This keeps the control and adherence to the objectives within the foundation, although suggestions from third parties are greatly encouraged.

Fundraising is done both actively and passively. The active form of fundraising is at fairs and conventions that are in any way related to animal husbandry and animal welfare. The internet also plays a role by actively involving other animal welfare organizations and finding like-minded people through the various active forums.

Meetings are also organized and places are visited where recruitment activities are possible. Funds collected through lectures and the publication of articles are also part of this method.

The passive side of recruitment is mainly via the internet site where a bank account number can be found, where funds can be deposited if there is any interest in the projects to be supported. There is also the possibility to become a donor, to donate money via SMS, via IDEAL and Paypal applications on the website.

The biggest difference in our working method is the fact that as a donor you help determine to which project the money is donated. This list of conservation projects is selected with the utmost care and consists of a maximum of 5 projects. The support for these projects is purely financial and active participation in the work of these projects lies with the responsible organizations. Suggestions from donors are also very welcome.

Projects initiated by the foundation itself are not given priority over other projects.

The supported project is then replaced by another project so that all projects are covered.

The foundation also tries to build bridges with other organizations and the business community, the government will also not lag behind in order to keep a dialogue going in improving and putting initiatives on the map that promote animal welfare.