Prices to the Herpetofauna Foundation

As an organization, it is always nice to receive approval for the work done by our entire team. Particularly because the Herpetofauna Foundation is completely non-profit and fully runs on volunteers. Winning an award is recognition of our commitment, and a beautiful reward for all our passionate volunteers. Over the years we have had the great privilege of receiving several awards, letting us know that the work has not gone unnoticed.

Best Conservation Iinitiative
A few years ago, we received the prize for 'Best Conservation Iinitiative' for our 'Body Art For Nature' event. This award was awarded by Zoo Actueel in 2014.

Animal Welfare Award
Twice we won an Animal Welfare Award during the 'Vivarium' event. Animal welfare is a very important objective for us. Therefore, it is hugely appreciated to see this confirmed in an award.

Dutch Pet Award
In 2019 we won a Dutch Pet Award; the Not For Profit Award. This prestigious prize is very dear to us, also because all nominees do such a creditable job. This prize gives our organization and all volunteers a huge boost. (article in Dutch)

Prices from the Herpetofauna Foundation

From 2019, the Herpetofauna Foundation itself has also started to stimulate projects and research by presenting an award. This award is given to those who have made a significant contribution to herpetology or who deserve extra stimulation in their possibly still early career.

During our second major international symposium, 'Venomous Snakes as Flagship Species', we presented the first of these awards called 'Herpetofauna Award for Educational and Conservation Excellence' to Jory van Thiel and Roel Wouters for their work with the European adder (Vipera berus) in the Netherlands.