Astro and Echo

Our foundation strongly believes in education for children and participation of young people in nature conservation. The new generation has a key role in ensuring the continued protection of our planet and its wildlife.

An important way to involve children is to have recognizable characters with whom they can identify. That's why we try to include our mascots, turtle Astro and dolphin Echo, in most educational materials and also to allow children to meet them in real life during our fundraisers or other projects.

Astro is a turtle who is also the main character in one of our educational children's books and we have an Astro Kids Club in the Netherlands where we organize activities that are both fun and educational.

Echo is a dolphin rescued from old fishing nets and the official child mascot of one of our most valued partners, Healthy Seas. Healthy Seas is an organization that specializes in retrieving ghost nets and other discarded fishing gear that threaten the lives of marine animals around the world. They also do a lot of educational work in this area.

Astro and Echo have wonderful adventures together, helping wildlife wherever they can. If you want to meet them, check out our events page.