The Herpetofauna Foundation works hard for the wellbeing and protection of reptiles and amphibians worldwide and does so through various educational programs, fundraisers and charity events. We also aid in funding for scientific research.

Do you have a warm heart for cold blood?

Mission Statement

The Herpetofauna Foundation was born from an idealism. We strive to protect reptiles and amphibians, but also to educate about these often misunderstood animal groups. Many species are in bad shape and the threats are increasing all the time. Action is needed.


The aim of the foundation is to collect capital to support projects that promote animal welfare, specifically aimed at the animal groups belonging to the order reptiles, amphibians and arthropods and the associated biotopes and related species that enable the survival of these animal groups.

Work Methods

First and foremost, the Herpetofauna Foundation is a foundation that collects money for our projects. Active involvement in the work is only initiated if the relevant projects give permission for this and a project can always let us know what form of support they would like to receive from us.

Snakebite Survival Fund
Brain Youth Group

The Snakebite Survival Fund can make a difference for many children around the world, as it can save their life!

Brain Youth Group has ensured that a lot of natural mangrove forest has been restored through planting in Kenya.

The latest news
Laptop Brain Youth Group pays off

We recently received an update on the Brain Youth Group project in Kenya from Mbaarak Abdalla. Thanks to the laptop financed by the Herpetofauna Foundation, they were able to contact ClimatePartner Impact.

Auction For Nature: 2177 euros!
Our annual auction has raised €2177,00 which will go towards the conservation of the Orinoco crocodile and the Cambel’s bromeliaskink.