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Evert Henningheim, Dutch Iguana Foundation

Could you state your name and the organisation you work for/ founded;

Evert Henningheim _ Stichting Doelgroep Groene Leguanen/Dutch Iguana Foundation

When was the organisation founded?

The SDGL was founded in 1986 at Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

What is your position or role in the organisation?

Former chairman, now conservation officer

What are the main goals of your organisation?

Acting as a knowledge centre for herbivorous lizard, improving captive care/husbandry and conservation activities of endangered Iguanid species in the wild  

Could you tell us something about recent projects?

In collaboration with Herpetofauna we have supported conservation needs by funding for:

  • Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei)
  • Spiny tailed lizard (Ctenosaura palearis)
  • Beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti)
  • San Salvador rock iguana (Cyclura rileyi rileyi)

What is in your opinion the biggest success of your organisation since it started?

To improve the quality of life of Iguanid species in captivity and conservation activity’s in the wild. The Dutch Iguana Foundation for fills a bridge function by the reptile hobbyist, creating awareness of endangered Iguanid species in the wild.

Do you have any specific goals in the near future?

The Dutch Iguana Foundation will be expanding their activities regarding the Jamaican Iguana. Besides that we will be very active in the IUCN-ISG Iguanid Conservation field by funding and actual fieldwork.

Why is your work so important ?

Iguanas are among the world's most endangered animals. The threats they face include severe habitat degradation by human development and invasive species, as well as harvesting for human use. Because iguanas are important seed dispersers for many native plants, their protection is vital to ecosystem health. The Iguanid species held in captivity can play an ambassadors role for the species in the wild. Good captive care will reduce harvesting for the reptile trade.

Could you give an idea, what organisations like the Herpetofauna foundation, can contribute to your work?

Through partnership with the SDGL we are able to set up quick response conservation actions.  For filling important conservation needs in short term with maximum effect and transparent in costs.

How can people get involved in your work?

Raising money for projects and sometimes actual fieldwork